Great Pyrenees puppy-looks just like Snowball!

Behind The Scenes With FP Pet Project & PAWS!

Great Pyrenees puppy * * Love is lookin' out fur meh tail when yoo close doors, especially refrigerator doors.

Great Pyrenees = Adorable

Great Pyrenees = Adorable what our dog use to look like but she is still adorable now!

If you ever wanted to own a Polar Bear, this is as close as you'll ever come to it. The Akbash Dog is a pretty large breed, with females weighing around 90 lbs and males 120 lbs with a height from 27 to 34 inches. While it is a relatively low energy breed, the Akbash is very aware of its surroundings; constantly taking in what's going on around it and "sleeping with one eye open." Are you aware I want to cuddle you forever, Mr. Akbash?

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Great Pyrenees Puppy... Oh the hair.. but I'm in love... how could anyone resist that sweet face...

I LOVE my Pyr. Oh the hair. but I'm in love. how could anyone resist that sweet face. must wrap my arms around the sweet baby.

Great Pyrenees Puppy

Curl up by the fire and watch the fiery leaves fall from the sky through your window. Immerse yourself in the beautiful, chilly season of Autumn.

Here is a better photo of the same 8 week old fluff ball :-)

Here is a better photo of the same 8 week old fluff ball :-)

Great Pyrenees Puppy! My mom has one and she is so laid back. She's also really good with kids.

We just got Sadie a new great pyranese puppy! She named him grizz, short for Grizzly! What a gentle and precious animal.

Great Pyrenees Puppy at Boondockers Farm

If I had a large place for these to roam I would get one. But lots of space is recommended so I guess thats out.