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Never cared for the little sideburns sometimes worn with mohawks, but even so, this model is absolutely stunning.

| Amy Valentine

Yo one day ima have my style together and ima be that girl you see in NYC thats like sooo cool looking with style on point asf like this girll

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18 Must Have Grunge Accessories and Clothing

ST - Punk Girls in London, 1978. Ella's born in 1933. During Hurricane Sandy in 2012 she's 79. She's 10 in 1943, 20 in 1953, 30 in 1963, 40 in 1973. Her pivotal taste making era is 1948 (age 15) to 1968 (age 35). Agnes is older than Ella. Born 7 years earlier in 1926. She's 86 in Hurricane Sandy. Jamie was 2 years older than Agnes. He was born in 1924.

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Goth came from punk. This is what early Goth tended to look like. Later it looked more "new romantic".