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Children are Gods gifts. Anyone can bear a child but it takes someone very special to be a Mother!

Win or lose you make me so proud!! Go out there and play the game you love and know how to play. It was so much fun getting to see and I will always be rooting for you!! Love you lots -Proud Big Cousin

I am. I've watched you grow into a wonderful young man. I'm proud of everything you've accomplished, Jacob. I know there were some hurdles in your life but you jumped them with ease. I am very proud of you

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I don't believe that anyone has Control, but I do believe in not giving people my power.

18 Things Mentally Strong People Do. I didn't think I was mentally strong but I guess I am more than I thought! I have been through so much an still standing

Motherhood...see the grace in it all!

Life Lessons from a 3 year old

As A Mother I want to be humble enough to realize I haven't mastered it all. Bave enough to keep trying and thankful enough to see the grace in it all.

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52 Beautiful Inspiring Mother Daughter Quotes And Sayings

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