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Brand new, self-feeding (gravity feed) rocket stove.  A great stove for camping, hunting, preppers, fishing, emergency and disaster preparedness. A handy item to have in the event of loss of electricity. Boil water and cook food for your family. Requires only small wood such as twigs, sticks, kindling, etc.  The self-feeding design makes tending the fire a bit easier as the fuel source keeps sliding into the fire chamber as it burns.  When disassembled, the stove will fit into a plastic 5…

Rocket Stove Self Feeding Gravity Feed Design all welded steel construction

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Folding seat  table
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LIAGAVELO- Rocket stove air flow design.
With the Hot Ash, we realized that we could make a camping, bushcraft stove that made it easy to cook, boil water, and a myriad of other things in an efficient and safe manner. The design of this stov

Hot Ash Portable Rocket Stove

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