My grandmother's recipe for Portuguese Sweet Bread. You'll never look at bread the same way again. This bread recipe is a winner!

We all have someone in our lives that inspires in the kitchen. That person may be an exceptional baker or even a celebrity chef, either way, their effortless skill makes our lives better. This is my grandmother's Portugese Sweet Bread

Portuguese Sweet Bread- this recipe is the closest to what we enjoy at our local Festas.  Yum!

So very glad I found this recipe! It is the same recipe my mother used when I was a child. A few differences in the steps (and no mention of putting dyed Easter eggs in it) but I think the outcome will be what I remember.

Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa is one of the most famous salted cod fish recipes in…

Bacalhau de Gomes de Sa

Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa is one of the most famous salted cod fish recipes in Portugal, with potato, onion, garlic and garnished with eggs and olives. I insist!

Kale simmers with sausage, garlic, onions and more for the Best Portuguese Kale Soup recipe.

Best Portuguese Kale Soup

Sonhos "Dreams" Portuguese Christmas tradition Dragon's Kitchen: Sonhos

Dragon's Kitchen: Sonhos - Sonhos are a traditional Portuguese dessert of fried dough rolled in sugar. Sonhos means "Dreams". its because when u eat them it is like a dream fluffy yummy happiness

Frango Grelhado - Portuguese Grilled Chicken

I’m not even sure what to write about this chicken recipe- it’s cheap, easy and massively crowd pleasing. I especially love making this chicken for crowds sinc…

Caldo Verde (Portuguese Green Soup) |

Caldo Verde (Portuguese Green Soup)

Caldo Verde is a Portuguese soup made with potatoes, collard greens, olive oil and thinly sliced sausage (chorizo, linguiça or kielbasa)!

The broth is fragrant and flavorful with a depth of flavor from the wine and a…

Portuguese Pot Roast

This Crock Pot Portuguese Pot Roast has fragrant and flavorful sauce with a depth of flavor from the wine with a spiciness from the red pepper flakes.

Portuguese Spaghetti – Linguica Sausage Pasta

If you are thinking about learning Portuguese then you probably have a reason behind it. Maybe you plan to travel to either Portugal or Brazil, perhaps you have