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Let's see what planking can do!!// In need of a detox? 10% off using our discount code 'Pin10' at

The 14 Best Things To Eat After A Workout

Plank is one of the most effective total-body moves, so here's a five-minute plank for you.
I Took the 30-Day Plank Challenge and Here’s What Happened

I Took the 30-Day Plank Challenge and Here’s What Happened

Okay, today you’re going to learn how to reverse plank. One of the first places you gain weight is typically around your belly. Also back fat is one of the
Exercícios de peso corporal, estão ganhando terreno no mundo fitness, tudo pela praticidade e simplicidade de entrar em forma sem usar nenhuma aparelhagem, apenas seu próprio peso. Prancha, é uma forma de exercício de peso corporal, muito eficaz em sua...
Try this 5 minute plank workout to strengthen up your core and create lean abs! Planks are the rockstar of abdominal work. If you are unclear about the many benefits of the plank or if you want to ace your form,  you might want to check out Perfecting Your Plank. Suffice it to say, the benefits of the abdominal plank are many! But now it’s time to open your eyes to all the different variations the plank has to offer!

5 Plank Variations For Awesome Abs

Crunches might receive most of the attention when it comes to sculpting a six-pack, but if you want a strong, chiseled middle, it pays to stay still. Here's how to do the perfect plank, and how it can help you strengthen your core! // fitness // tips // how to do a plank // ab workouts // video  // Beachbody //

How to Do a Plank

Exercícios - 5 minutos
Looking for a new total-body workout? This 2-week plank challenge will put your abs, arms, back, and obliques to work.

Your Arms and Abs Will Transform After This 2-Week Challenge

Lower Belly fat does not look good and it damages the entire personality of a person. reducing Lower belly fat and getting into your best possible shape may require some exercise. But the large range of exercises at your disposal today can cause confusion to you in making the right choice of the best one …