I need pansies planted for me. I can't explain why, but just trust me on this one. They are my child self's favorite flowers and hold a lot of meaning.

pansy flower, my favorite kind<3

"Pansies are little monkey flowers - making faces my the hour." first poem I ever memorized, wish I could remember the whole poem!

Jan  Voerman jr | 1890 - 1976 - Kleurige viooltjes in een glas

painting - by Jan Voerman Jr. - "Kleurige viooltjes in een glas" - pansy - flower design

Pansy Plants Care Tips, Growing Pansies in Pots - Viola hybrids

Pansy, Panola Pink Shades Mix ~ Burpee's ~ wow I really would love to have these

Pansies  #bookpeople

The Wild pansy (Viola tricolor) is a common wild species in Europe, which grows as an annual or short perennial life. It is a small plant climbing habit, reaching at least 15 cm high with flowers of in diameter. It grows in low grasslands, in acidic