Otaku Problem: Wanting to name your kids after your favorite anime character. (I want my kids to be named Izaya or Ivan, Russia's human name)

Otaku Problem: Wanting to name your kids after your favorite anime character<<<<<<im naming my son Kaneki and my daughter Mikasa

I tried fighting like Naruto, but ended up laughing my head off on the floor. It was fun!

Yeah I've tried learning to fight just so I can look like the really cool anime peeps who fight. but I yell when I get punched

A hard decision but we all know what we're going to choose.

NEXT EPISODE I get like 2 hours of sleep a night ever since I discovered anime

There's three otakus in my class but one of them can't speak English or French (so I can't talk to them) and the other is suppppeeerrr rude....#struggle

Yea thats way more painful than real serious problems amiright << or you can talk about something else besides anime and manga

:D Hey there Abbie-chan!  Hows it going Isabelle-san? :D :D :D :D :D

Otaku Problems, Anime/Manga<< I give all my friends a country and sometimes I forget to call them by their actual name when I'm not talking to someone who knows about it.

otaku problems #4 - Like this if this happens to you too :3 (So I know I'm not the only one)

Otaku Problem: Reading a regular comic book backwards because you're too used to manga. Even with regular books!

Otaku problems i wish i could live in the anime world it would be amazing!

Haven't you always wanted to go into an anime? Mine would either be Ouran Highschool host club/Death Note or Black butler

That someone tends to be my brother, and he just stares at me like I'm insane

Otaku Problem: When you're sitting there, fangirling, squealing and spazzing out when someone walks into the room. true story i actually did that and my mom walked in akward

ALWAYS! I WOULD LOVE TO BE IN A MANGA OR ANIME! ........ But I know that's not going to happen.... heh... he..hu

The Lunch Area Of Every Anime Character.Seriously though why can't WE eat lunch on the ROOF?

Otaku problems: Anime...is...Not. For. Kids!!!!! Anime/manga quotes funny pictures

Otaku problems: i am a kid and i watch anime it isnt so bad (the ones i watch) teenage otakus overeact or do they?