Opuntia microdasys v. pallida.

Room decoration using cactus is never ending. Starting from the real cactus, cactus displays, to the cactus made of stone. Methods, planting media, and pots used to plant cactus and important infor…

Opuntia microdasys subsp. rufida (Blind Prickly Pear, Cinnamon Cactus, Cactus Red Bunny Ears) → Plant characteristics and more photos at: http://www.worldofsucculents.com/?p=2577

rufida - Cinnamon Bunny Ears is an upright and spreading, much branched cactus, up to 5 feet m) tall.

Opuntia microdasys f. albata Angels Wings 9cm pot

Unlike similar varieties of this "Bunny Ears" cactus, this one is safe to touch - the spines don't jump into your fingers. Hence the name "Angel's Wings".

Opuntia Microdasys

unrooted cutting, Jan 2010 July 2011 July 2011 July 2011 July 2011 Opuntia microdasys Albispina Unrooted cutting from Altea Port - July .

This is an Opuntia microdasys v. rufida.

Succulent Plant * Opuntia microdasys v. rufida - Succulent - Cactus in Pot * Tiny Prickly Pear * Cactus Plant

Opuntia microdasys var. albispina – Polka Dots, Angel Wings - See more at: http://www.worldofsucculents.com/opuntia-microdasys-var-albispina-polka-dots-angel-wings/

albispina – Polka Dots, Bunny Ears - I have this. It looks like dotted swiss fabric to me.

Angel Wings Cactus  Opuntia microdasys alba  Easy  by HirtsGardens

Angel Wings Cactus - Opuntia microdasys alba - Easy to Grow - Pot

Opuntia Microdasys

Opuntia microdasys, also known as the bunny ear cactus or angel’s wings, is a small cousin of the more commonly known prickly pear cactus.

Cacti at the Arizona Botanical Garden

Opuntia microdasys at the Arizona Botanical Garden - endemic to northern and central Mexico

Succulents: Opuntia microdasys. Ouch, it takes a few minutes to realize these fine cacti spines are in your skin... Use plastic wrap to lift them out of you.

Opuntia microdasys - Angel's-wings, Bunny Ears, Bunny-ear Prickly-pear, Polka Dot Cactus, Cinnamon Cactus - Southeastern Arizona Wildflowers and Plants