18 great looking modern pendant lights for every budget.

18 great looking modern pendant lights for every budget. Tap the link now to see where the world's leading interior designers purchase their beautifully crafted, hand picked kitchen, bath and bar and prep faucets to outfit their unique designs.

Vetra MK2 by Carlisle Homes

Vetra MK2 by Carlisle Homes

The matte finish of the cabinetry in this modern kitchen - coupled with the navy palette and the elegant marble counters - complete its contemporary aesthetic that is simply drool-worthy!  #interiordesgin #roomdecorideas #luxurybrands

Kitchen Design Idea - How To Add Marble In Your Kitchen // The dark blue cabinets make the dark flecks in the marble more prominent but also create a contrast with the light color of the marble and the light backsplash.

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Chalet Grelottiere Verbier (desiretoinspire.net)

Perfectly Suited Cambria Style 2014 Summer Issue Cambria Quartz Stone Surfaces modern industrial loft with high ceiling contemporary living room

space saving ideas and storage organization for all types of modern kitchen designs.

Great Kitchen Storage, Organization and Space Saving Ideas, Modern Kitchen Design

This is an awesome space saving idea for people with limited storage space that does not want to hang pots & pans from the ceiling (another great option!

A Napa Valley cottage designed by Lindsay Chambers

They are usinh curved and horizontal lines This line does affect in a way as adda interest and relief ! Mixes well with the horizontal feels , relaxed This lines are good , well becausr they are not mixing thing all over crazy . Have a unique style .

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I've been on the hunt for inspiration for our kitchen mini-reno, this marble splashback is definitely ticking my boxes ✔️ from the home of Melbourne interior designer Lynn Cheong for /houseandgarden/ by Cortese Architects

awesome 50 Modern Kitchen Designs That Use Unconventional Geometry

50 Modern Kitchen Designs That Use Unconventional Geometry

City apartments are abundant, central – and often tiny. For the modern urbanite building a beautiful interior, the apartment’s compact nature can be challenging. This studio by Insight Studio in Minsk