mary quant


Mod Fashion: popular for women during the mod fashion featured short hemlines for dresses, as well as funky prints and bright, contrasting colors for all garments. The mini dress was a popular style for mod fashion.

Mary Quant - I had to have a black and white dress too. Her best known creation was the mini-skirt.

Alongside The Beatles, fashion designer Mary Quant is cited as the driving force behind the birth of the mod (or Chelsea) movement in London, and most importantly, creating the miniskirt.

The mini-skirt and Little Black Dress as made famous by Twiggy and Mary Quant

The Sixties really WERE swinging! Brits choose decade as one they'd most like to have lived in (and men vote it the sexiest thanks to miniskirts and bikinis)

1960's: The model is wearing British designer Mary Quant's fashion and posing with the English music group The Yardbirds

Mary Quant's Ginger Group 1967 A two page article first published in September 1967 featuring designs from Mary Quant's Ginger Group. The article also includes guest appearances by The Yardbirds, Georgie Fame, James Fox, Jack Bond, David Mlinaric and Mic

Chalk blue socks by Mary Quant. Cherry leather platform shoes by Manolo Blahnik for Zapata.

superseventies: “ Model wearing socks by Mary Quant and shoes by Manolo Blahnik for Zapata, Vogue, February Photo by David Bailey.

1973 UK Mary Quant Catalogue 70s shoes purse red black platform sandals

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