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Eye-Enlarging Makeup This light and bright look is a perfect transition into spring and summer. It’s got impact, without looking too made-up. With a few little shading tricks, you can really open up your eyes and let your natural beauty show.

Eyeliner tips and tricks for beginners

25 Genius Eyeliner Tips and Tricks for Beginners!

Eyeliner for beginners can be quite challenge that& why I have 25 genius eyeliner tips and tricks that will help out any beginner in makeup!

Kerroin viime viikolla kauneuskikoista, joita ihan oikeassa elämässänikin käytän (ks. postaus) ja yksi niistä oli tämä eyeliner-piste-niksi. Monille, myös itselleni, tuottaa joskus uskomatonta tuskaa

Eyeliner-tutorial: pisteet avuksi rajauksen tekoon (NUDE)

When women want to try new eye makeup techniques, going about it the right way can be intimidating, especially with many thousands of products out there claiming they are the best. In the past, eye makeup consisted of little more than a bit of color and shaping, but now you can truly create unique and …

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner – A Step by Step Tutorial

Maquiagem de ano novo Dicas de beleza para você entrar em 2017 ainda mais bonita

Maquiagem de ano novo - Dicas de beleza para você entrar em 2017 ainda mais bonita

Eyeshadow Tutorials for Beginners - New Year’s Eve Eyeshadow Tutorial- Step By Step Tutorial Guides For Beginners with Green, Hazel, Blue and For Brown Eyes - Matte, Natural and Everyday Looks That Ar(Makeup Step)

If your eyes are bright and colorful, then you should definitely try this makeup design. It is perfe...

7 Natural DIY Makeup Remover Recipes for Healthy Skin