Want a macrame tutorial that is EASY? try this one at myfrenchtwist.com http://www.myfrenchtwist.com/easy-tutorial-for-basic-macrame-knots/

easy tutorial for basic macrame knots

Ropes, cord, knots and lots more crazy bondage designs are invading our nests. I don’t know about … More easy tutorial for basic macrame knots

10 inspiring ideas for using Macrame in home decor

Decorating with Macrame: 10 inspiring Projects

Though rugs are just a small addition in every home, yet they hold a greater place in grabbing attention as one places their foot on these beautiful rugs. You just couldn?t neglect to place a good .

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With some pretty knowledge and ideas of macramé, you can create several designed cartoons, craftwork and hammock patterns. Macramé hammock patterns not only

A detailed step by step Macrame Plant Hanger tutorial! With lots of pictures, videos and links!

Easy Home-DIY: Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

Makramee-amppeli, joskus näitä tehtiin ♥ A detailed step by step Macrame Plant Hanger tutorial! With lots of pictures, videos and links!

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Braided Macrame Plant Holder

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DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! DIY Vertical Plant Hanger / i Heart Naptime

11 Modern Macrame Patterns

These beautiful modern macrame patterns are perfect for home decor crafters and DIY fans! Macrame is a trendy vintage revival that's making a huge comeback! via (Diy Home Decor Modern)

Macrame Wedding Chair Decor

DIY Macrame Chair Decor for Weddings

Follow these easy step-by-steps to tie four must-know knots.

How to Tie Macrame Knots

Macrame is back in a big way, and we're giving it a fresh, modern spin. Create textured pendant lights using one simple knot.

11 Modern Macrame Patterns

Macrame Patterns/Macrame Pattern/ Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern/Wall Hanging/Modern Macrame/Pattern/DIY/Craft/Name: Four of Diamonds

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Simple DIY Macrame Necklace

Handcrafted lifestyle expert Lia Griffith shares this easy step-by-step photo tutorial to craft a trendy DIY macrame necklace to pair with… (Diy Necklace Gift)

Learn three basic macrame knots to create your own macrame wall hanging.


Discover thousands of images about Learn three basic macrame knots. That's all you need to be able to create stunning wall hangings. Macrame knots are easy:-)