Lourdes Leon. Denim jacket and a simple dress http://believeinmystyle.weebly.com/fashion.html

Raiding your mother's closet? Lourdes slips into Eighties denim jacket... as Madonna goes incognito in fedora and dark glasses

Denim glory: Lourdes, donned a jeans jacket festooned with sewn on badges for a family outing in New York, on Saturday.We are more so paying attention to her patchgame.

Lourdes Leon

Raiding your mother's closet? Lourdes Leon dons Eighties high-waisted shorts and white trainers during solo city stroll

She's no diva!: The 17-year-old daughter of Madonna, Lourdes Leon, was comfortably dressed as she was spotted on the campus of the University of Michigan in early October

Madonna's daughter is no diva as she slums it in university dorm

Lourdes Leon, është vajza e Madonna's e cila është vetëm 17-vjecare. Ajo tash më është studente në vitin e parë në Universitetin e Michigan-it...

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