/ Фото #76 - Lampwork lessons - squirrel-belk / Фото #76 - Lampwork lessons - squirrel-belk

Step by step instructions to create layered, distorted dot beads, otherwise known as "Blossom" beads.

Pictorial tutorial for a blossom bead - technique also works for pinecones

MOBILE/CARILLON/CHIME/ /homedecor/decoration 22 par DesignLA

Get A Lifetime Of Project Ideas and Inspiration! Step By Step Woodworking Plans

Totem. These are fun to make - lots of possibilities - I'm thinking that styrofoam balls can be sent home, and decorated, and sent back to school for show & share, and creat a collaborative topiary.

Light in color with varying textures and styles makes this ceramic totem pole ideal for either indoors or outdoors.

Taş Boyama Örnekleri

Taş Boyama Örnekleri

Rendez-vous les 29 et 30 septembre à - Bijoux et perles en pâte polymère

Corinne Muller: inspired by Ronna Sarvas Weltman, polymer clay.

Lampwork Scrap Glass Pendants by Jeannie Cox

Making pretty pendants out of your scrap glass - - ends of stringers, broken glass pieces, etc.