Keegan Allen ( #PLL's Toby) #cute |via fb

Keegan Allen ( Toby) He's with a freaking puppy, heart skipped a beat

Keegan Allen ( #PLL's Toby) |via fb

"Keegan Allen makes photography more attractive than it has ever been". -Laney He is by far the hottest actor

Pretty Little Liars Season 7

Pretty Little Liars - Episode - Hit and Run, Run, Run - Sneak Peeks, Promo, Press Release & Promotional Photos

Keegan Allen … I will stop pinning pictures of him when he stops having the most gorgeously chiseled facial features ever! That's never going to happen you say? Well great I'll keep pinning!

Keegan Allen - Su rol en Pretty Little Liars como Toby Cavanaugh es un amor ❤