Angus and Julia Stone *Civic Theatre, Newcastle, 2014*

I recently went and saw Angus and Julia perform in Brisbane. They were amazing, as expected!

Julia Stone en session acoustique :

Julia Stone – It’s All Okay (à écouter au casque)

Julia Stone - It's All Okay unplugged (à écouter au casque !

if you love me, i'll make you a star in my universe   For You song by Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone - For you ". i'll make you a star in my universe"

angus and julia stone. loveeee him

Angus and Julia Stone. Creating sublime music with your sibling. Love love love these Aussies!

Angus and Julia Stone... Australian brother and sister duo. GREAT music... I so recommend

Angus and Julia Stone's haunting version of a classic cheesy song, I keep finding myself singing this for days!