Moriarty dancing to Queen upon arrival at Sherrinford <3 ~ Andrew Scott on BBC Sherlock 4.3 "The Final Problem"

I Want To Break Free by Queen. Moriarty making a fabulous entrance to the music in his ears! I recommend watching Sherlock too!

*coughs continuously* WINCHESTERS<<< Dude, one word, Youtubers. all I'm saying tbh.

I would love to hear jim moriarty ^^<<<<<<<< "Hello, I'm the Doctor and this is my plus one, _______." I'd prefer the Doctor.

Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty in 'Sherlock'

Long live the king Moriarty. Or queen, as the case may be. Gay man playing a straight man pretending to be gay in episode 3 - LOL! Either way, he's royalty. That man can act! And he's gorgeous too.

Jim Moriarty

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But then I met Jim moriarty. He is not impressed with your threat at gunpoint

Hannah (Sherlock) on

Lmaooooooo Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha who is it that wrote about me in this? <<<<<< Loki and Moriarty!!!!!

who's your favourite character?) ( I actually really like Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki or in English Future dairy )

Me when I Want To Break Free started playing

Me when I Want To Break Free started playing <<<< YES SAME LOL I HAVe an obsession with queen so that was a perfect combination for me


You naughty Sherlock <<< we all know Moriarty said that because John was mad at Sherlock cheating

moriarty. I love the way he says this in the show.

In a world of locked rooms the man with the key is king and honey, you should see me in a crown - Jim Moriarty, Sherlock

I want to break it. I just need classical music like Jim moriarty :)

They believe in their product

I giggled! Sherlock moriarty break bullet proof glass 3 million dollars gum diamond fire extinguisher