Jesse rutherford

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Jesse Rutherford

Why Jesse Rutherford Should Be Your Newest Crush

There's no one I love more than Jesse!!
The Neighbourhood
Jesse Rutherford] The name's Mathis, 25. I'm not a happy go lucky person but who is these days. My main weapon is an AR 15 or my machete. My lil' sis is Cass. She's all I got left. I worked at as I mechanic so I'm good with fixing things. I'm pretty intense and don't deal with other people's shit well. Probably why I don't have a lot of friends. My drinking problem might also have something to do with that but whatever. I'm just trying to survive.
The Neighbourhood... I'm in love with their sound
jesse rutherford, please.
Oh my god! I think this picture is legit from the concert I went to because I have the same picture practically!!!