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I'm an infp who sometimes is an intp so this is like the two sides of my brain arguing lol

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Hidden Talents and How to Become an Expert

Myers-Briggs Personality Types --- I can't count the # of times I have taken this but I am usually INTJ . sometimes INFJ but usually INTJ -- I'm nerdy and I know it, but I totally buy into this.

INFP // describing words {Every test I've taken over the years said I was INFJ. Took one that broke things down into percentages and it said I am more INFP, followed by INFJ (and then ENFJ and a few others). Hadn't read anything on INFP's before.}

Myers and Briggs Personality Types: INFP Profile

I'll welcome confrontation face to face but the negativity someone may bring with it I wont accept

Except I don't mind *constructive* criticism and I do not shy from confrontation! << Uwahh, strong one :')) Agreed, constructive criticism's good! I'd rather not get into arguments if possible, tho 😅 And fear of losing someone/something.

Everyone tells me their problems as I am a captive audience and good listener, but I want to solve them, and they do not listen!

What Literary Character Is Your Mental Twin?

We all were hoping that this time Leo will get his award he is waiting for ages, Thank God this time Leonardo Dicaprio got his golden prize along with some Hilarious memes, some of them are listed …

Why INFP Females Are So Unique

A lot of this applies to INFP males too . lot of good general INFP data PLUS things more specific to women

{ INFP } when we find a piece of ourselves hidden within.

But I'm not INFP exactly. Was almost balanced on the n or s part, but got ISFP.

INFP.  Rather than 'shyness' I would call it the tendency to look within, contemplate and not necessarily express thoughts at a particular time or in particular setting.

Curiosity and shyness. The fun is seeing which will prevail in each situation - INFP Myers-Briggs Personality

This pretty much sums it up

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