Used as a slippery surface which could then lead to another trigger that the ice falls on top of the player for the plater to avoid.

I feel as though this image speaks for itself. Imagery of such an amazing natural occurrence and the vibrant blues make for a great picture.


Bridal shower drink idea - Tall Stick Ice Cubes with Embedded Flowers {Courtesy of Rooted in Thyme}

Beautiful pictures of underwater ice bubbles... that are actually created by plants releasing gas

Beautiful pictures of underwater ice bubbles... that are actually created by plants releasing gas

Ice bubbles, Abraham Lake, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. The rare phenomenon occurs each winter in the man-made lake, as the plants on the lake bed release methane gas, which freezes as it comes closer to the cold lake surface.

Vatna Glacier by Nicolas Brousse: Breidamerkurjokull is an outlet glacier of Vatnajökull, or the Vatna Glacier, which is one of the largest ice caps in all of Europe. There are several volcanoes located under the ice cap. #Photography #Glacier #Iceland

Photographer captures mesmerising images of magical ice cavern

Inside Iceland's crystal cave: Mesmerising snaps reveal ripples of emerald blue ice mixed with volcanic ash under magical glacier Breidamerkurjokull

How to make your own floral ice cubes!  Love this DIY using edible flowers.  Great party planning idea and easy tutorial. #cheers #pink #partyplanning

Dahlias, ranunculus, pieris and other fall flowers. Super easy tutorial broken down step by step with a fall floral guide.

Ice Globe Lanterns, Made Easy

Ice Globe Lanterns, Made Easy

You might have seen these ice globes, lanterns, and sculptures at the City of Lakes Loppet or along the boulevard in the Linden Hills business district.

Eiswürfel mit verschiedenem Geschmäkern

Love the mint ice cubes for some frwsh lemonade! yummy DIY :: edible flower ice cubes, raspberry + herbs ice cubes and lavender + mint ice cubes

Schneesterne - wunderschön!

Snowflakes or snow crystals form when ice crystals freeze around tiny particles of dust that are in the air, and join together as they fall. Ice crystals that melt as they fall become rain. Ice crystals that form near the ground are called frost.

Snowflake - The delicate beauty of a snowflake under a microscope.

Snowflake under a microscope.Why are these and every pattern in nature PERFECT shapes?glorious design like the aligned black holes.