Ian Curts from Joy Division…WIlderness just came on shuffle did my best to dance like him around my house
Robert Smith holding a poster of Ian Curtis
"I like to think that [Joy Division doesn't] belong to any category." - Ian Curtis, INFP.
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o poeta triste do rock

o poeta triste do rock

Ian Curtis, A Tortured Soul,
Joy Division: Handwritten lyrics by Ian Curtis for Disorder, ca 1978
Ian Curtis - Joy Division - Gone to soon

Photo Gallery: Kevin Cummins Captures Joy Division in Manchester

oh me darlin', ian curtis.
“Existence is.. well.. what does it matter? I exist on the best terms I can. The past is now part of my future. The present is well out of hand.” Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis, Joy Division
Image of Saint Ian Curtis (Joy Division)

Saint Ian Curtis (Joy Division)

Expresses tiredness, worry, burden, sadness, depression, stress, building of weight on one's shoulders..? Ian Curtis...<3