There’s always a new place to explore in the Civic Hatchback.

With a spacious interior, a turbocharged engine and a sporty design, the 2018 Civic Hatchback sets a new standard for hatchback cars.

67 Images Modified Cars Ideas Honda Civic

67 Images Modified Cars Ideas Honda Civic

Honda Civic Hatchback

Subaru performance parts started to appear in many automotive specialty stores.

Honda's explosive Civic Type R is coming to North America with the Japanese firm saying it will be very close to the European model, which is a five-door hatch. And yes, the rest of the Civic hatchback range is heading our way as well.

Honda's next-gen Civic will offer a coupe and sedan body style and here's a speculative look at what a Civic Coupe Type R could look like made by Civicx forum by Wild Speed.

Let your inner beast shine through inside the bold Honda Civic Hatchback.

With an aggressive exterior and a spacious interior, the Civic Hatchback has that "sport" feel you crave.