High Tide free geometric font. See more fonts like this at www.designyourownblog.com

25+ Free Tribal + Geometric Display Fonts for Your Hipster Designs

THOUGHTS: Researching the best Font/Typeface to sew with woven thread. This could harmonize well with the dedication represented by high quality hand-made Native American goods.M for Mazie

Aunque si las compras, te harán un poquito más hipster :p

Este kit temporal de tatuajes de origami si quieres presumir uno sin dolor

It would be cool to put this on my hand and then make it into a artsy pic

soft grunge doodles - why do little icon doodles like this make me so happy?

illustration n°2 - Polyvore

-(Part Of)Personal work, 2013 -Cameron Stewart spectacular illustrator, wonderful mix of black and white control and crosshatching shading, especially with hair and background