Comparatifs de la taille d'avions de chasse et d'hélicoptères

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Death from above                                                       …

Redundancy: Apache Helicopters are full of redundancies in case something gets damaged.

Civil helicopters: helicopter H160 - Airbus Helicopters                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Helicopters provide fast transportation for small groups of people, with the negative of slightly more expensive prices. The helicopter is for more privileged, and is one of the more realistic privately owned air vehicles.

Apache helicopter

Gus Dempsey and Loki rode over to camp in a helicopter and the helicopter had a unusual quote in it " Never trust an air craft under thirty.

Gaddafi Told to Stand Down or Face Attack by Apache Helicopters…

Image detail for -mcdonnell douglas now boeing ah 64 apache attack helicopter

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Water Shooting 3.5 CH RC Helicopter Gyro V319 (Colors May Vary)

Ice Flyin’ Dan Megna, Coronado, California A U. Coast Guard from U. Coast Guard Station Kodiak flies at low level over Prudhoe Bay Arctic ice off Deadhorse, Alaska. Join our podcast at

Sikorsky CH 53 E Super Stallions

Sikorsky a plane but still damn sexy

Giant Helicopter About to Lift a Humvee—AKA Sometimes the Military Looks Like a Helluva Fun Time

Giant Helicopter About to Lift a Humvee—AKA Sometimes the Military Looks Like a Helluva Fun Time

Marine Corps Super Stallion helicopter the other vehicle the military uses to recover Humvees

Apache I think helicopters are so cool, and this one is my favorite!  It just looks MEAN!

~ Apache ~ By Stuart Free Uploaded on: October 2014 673 Squadron, AAC Middle Wallop

This was labeled by the original poster as "cockpit of the iconic Huey helicopter", which it certainly is not. It is a great photo of an OV-1 Mohawk cockpit, however.

HDR Cockpit of the iconic Huey helicopter, hard to imagine flying one of these in such tight quarters, into rice paddy's along rivers, jungle opening's etc.

Fastest Helicopter | Agusta A109 - FlyMeNow Helicopter Charter Service

Agusta - Information on the charter service offered by FlyMeNow.

MH-68A Stingray helicopter: Aircraft profile | Aviation Spectator ...

A man that can fly and repair helicopters AND save lifes. No squids for this gal ;