Halo Temporary Tattoo - Game Over

Game Over Temporary Tattoo Set

A Temporary Tattoo Series for Hardcore Gamers This set of skull parody Temporary Tattoos features a great mix of all your favorite iconic video game character

Halo Nation....symbol for Halo Reach

This is one of the emblems I used for the coasters - Halo Nation.symbol for Halo Reach

Locust/Felix. Dude, did you see those episodes of season 14? Epic.

Dude, did you see those episodes of season Epic.<---- Only episodes worth watching.

"Halo Addict" | aj-hateley:   Welcome, Soldier, to the UNSC...

aj-hateley: “Welcome, Soldier, to the UNSC Spartan IV Program. Inspired by the UNSC logo, I created this design as part of the Gametee Kickstarter project.