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Creative advertising

Marketing THROUGH Sports Product:Nike Brand People: Fitness Gurus, Athletes Place: Anywhere Nike can be purchased / Metro Station Promotion: Guerilla Marketing Price: Cost of any nike product

new dance studio from http://www.boredpanda.com/clever-and-creative-guerrilla-advertising-ideas/

15 Creative Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Ballet lessons advertising flyer looks a tutu. Good promotional idea could work for any type of dance or fitness program/classes.

23 Excellent Examples of Creative Advertising - UltraLinx

23 Excellent Examples of Creative Advertising

Check out these 18 brilliant advertisements which will make you turn your head around and give them a second look, I don’t mind such outdoor advertisement which engage your creative side and don’t use women as things to sell their products.

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Jugando con la luz – Ejemplos de publicidad de guerrilla

beach sign that reads “Take a Break From The Sun“. As can be seen in the image above, the message is created by reversed type that casts a shadow on the sand. Very clever!

#Guerrilla #Marketing We deliver advertising campaigns throughout the UK and Europe, but we also welcome enquiries from around the globe too! For all of your advertising needs at unbeatable rates - www.adsdirect.org.uk

NON TRADITIONAL AD: Guerrilla Marketing. The kissing point is very French romantic style. I wish I know what the whole campaign idea is. If it says the same thing as the big idea says, this guerrilla is a cool idea.

Copenhagen Zoo: 122 Must See Guerilla Marketing Examples Photo

122 Must See Guerilla Marketing Examples

Snakes on a bus! Here's a guerrilla marketing bus wrap campaign featuring a realistic-looking larger-than-life snake squeezing a bus to promote the wildest place on earth, Zoo

The 80 guerrilla marketing ideas. Very clever ideas! I like the one by Mercedes Benz a lot.

The 80 best guerrilla marketing ideas i've ever seen

8 Ways to Get Started as a Guerrilla Street Artist « The Secret Yumiverse

How To: 8 Ways to Get Started as a Guerrilla Street Artist

8 Ways To Get Started As A Guerilla Street Artist High school art lesson or art club project!

INFOGRAPHIC: The ultimate guide to guerrilla gardening

INFOGRAPHIC: The ultimate guide to guerrilla gardening

Yepp, so wird durch 'Guerillamarketing sogar Außenwerbung wieder spannend!

55 Incredible and Creative Ads

I think this Big Babol XXL Bubble Gum advertising is a great and bubbly idea to catch attention. I just wonder if the bubblegum is sticky.

Chapter 8- This second example of creative ad marking in a new way that catches the peoples attention because its not in an expected location like the back of the bathroom door. I feel that this almost goes across barriers. i.e. people will market anywhere and do companies want people to talk about your brand hearing about it in the bathroom.

10 Creative Bathroom Ads

Here is a great example from Natan Jewelry Shop (Sao Paulo, Brazil) of guerrilla marketing. The company did a great job using promotional stickers or decals in order to show their female target market how beautiful the jewelry would look on them.

I would love to see all of these in real life!

Ad. Win

I think the coffee elevator, I would take the stairs. Really like the dog ad. Omg the condom so hilarious

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Creative Packaging Ideas

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