Aradia, queen of witches. Daughter of Lucifer god of light and Diana goddess of the moon.

Moon Goddess, Draped in her glimmering veil of stars, the Goddess Selene tenderly guides the moon on its celestial journey, keeping watch over the night bathed earth. Her face is lit by the gentle glow of moonbeams.

Gaia: Goddess of Earth and the philosophy that living organisms on a planet will affect the nature of their environment in order to make the environment more suitable for life.

Artwork: by fantasy artist Fred Fields. See more artwork by this featured artist on the fantasy gallery website.

Oshun Goddess of Love, Beauty and Marriage Statue

Product Details: Material: Cold Cast Bronze Dimensions: H: Gift Boxed Felted base to protect surfaces.

Moon Goddess Parchment

Moon Goddess Parchment

Moon Goddesses Poster with history and multiple cultures definitions of the Goddess. Quote from poster. " The Moon-Goddess has been know in many times and cultures. She is usually the protector of wom

Branch of Hinduism worshipping the demigods. What a beautiful belief and what a beautiful placebo!

Warrior Godess of Inner Strength and Protection. "What a beautiful belief and what a beautiful placebo!

Darling, YOU are a Goddess | ZsaZsa Bellagio - Like No Other

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Darling, you are a goddess. and once you know what that truly means, I pray for anyone who tries to hurt you.

Kali the goddess of time,change and destruction.She Who Conquers Over All, All-Auspicious, the remover of Darkness, the Excellent One Beyond Time, the bearer of the Skulls of Impure thought the reliever of difficulties, loving, forgiveness, supporter of the Universe.

Check out the Artwork from China based Concep Artist: Fenghua Zhong Website

Hekate - Blue Angel Publishing - Goddesses & Sirens Oracle - Stacey Demarco - Illustrations by Jimmy Manton

Hekate from the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle Cards Deck, looking a bit like the Statue of Liberty.

The Goddess Returns | Integral Life

Kali - Goddess of revolution Goddess illustrations by Charles Ekabhumi Ellik Graphics designed by Corey deVos Quotes taken from Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton (via The Goddess Returns

The Goddess Returns | Integral Life - Now I think she is the equal to Sophia.

Mythology + Religion: Bhuvaneshwari, Goddess of Infinite Space + She Whose Body Is The World