Gold glitter cupcake

Fun sparkles for cakes and cookies

OMG cant handle, cupcakes ( Which i love) and edible glitter ( which i LOVE) - what more could you want in life edible gold glitter on desserts and wedding cake! just buy it and give it to the food catering!

1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of food coloring, baking sheet and 10 mins in oven to make edible glitter….

"Pearl" and purple cupcakes. My fav type of dessert mixed with my fav color and pretty pearls and sparkle! Wish I did this for my wedding, would've been perfect !

Couldnt remember if either of us pinned but thought you would love this if we hadnt!!! Xoxo

I just found how I am going to decorate Vie's cake this year! Edible glitter for my covered in glitter, tough princess! (christmas recipes for kids powdered sugar)

Top a fluffy white cloud of frosting with a candy rainbow. | 27 Ridiculously Creative Ways To Decorate Cupcakes

Top a fluffy white cloud of frosting with a candy rainbow.

BEST Frosting EVER Oh SO Delicioso!: {lick the beater clean} ButterCream Frosting caution: you'll need shortening

This would be great for cookies!!

Edible Glitter

Haven't tried this yet, but what a cool grandma thing if it does! I'll try it with salt too. Then the grandkids can have glitter in their food every time they eat at Grandma's!

Space Wedding Cake Cupcakes & Cookies

Darling Delights created confections that are out of this world. including a galaxy themed wedding cake and galaxy cupcakes for one lucky couple.

Fantasy Vanilla Almond Rainbow Cupcakes ♥

or unicorn poop cupcakes.There is a bakery here that makes cupcakes with this pretty rainbow buttercream frosting *Yum-Yum*