Snake Eyes GI JOE Retaliation Sixth Scale Figure (Hot Toys) $194.99

I'd like the armour plates in grey with some kind of colour detail. When the flack vest gets here I can do some tests.

GI Joe Yearbook~  Jonboy Meyers

Cover for the upcoming GIJOE Yearbook TPB, colors by the talented Tony Washington.

Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander (RAH)

gi joe art | Here's a new GI Joe painting I did for IDW. It was cool and fun to…

why does Snake Eyes wear a mask and why does he never talk? Well, he was in a helicopter crash which scarred his face. And after his master was killed he took a vow of silence.

Beachhead by on @deviantART

He can be seen leading a team of Joes in this weeks GI Joe Special Missions so Today's Character of the day is Beach Head