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America's Most Haunted -- Gettysburg, PA "Devil's Den"

They're on top of things in London. No body rides for free, not no body! Not even dead bodies!

Dealing with ghosts…

This is London for you. We have received reports of ghost sightings on trains, platforms and other London Underground property If you or.


Duane Michals

Photography Sequence Duane Michals, "Death Comes to the Old Lady" Gives me chills and breaks my heart every time I see it.

This site is what I reference when I notice orbs in my photos.

I have photos of my son's wedding taken inside an old church in NJ. All around my dil veil are silver and grey orbs. They are not dust particles. Here is the chart which is interesting. The color and meanings of orbs.

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This one was created using the Ghost Capture app. It was pinned with the below statement. The Lost Little Boy In The Old Elementary School. This photo was allegedly taken when an old elementary school was being torn down.

CASTLE KEEP GHOST! The Castle Keep Ghost, photo was caught on one of our ghost hunts inside Newcastle Castle Keep (Sep 2013) Provided by management

Every ancient castle is expected to have at least one resident ghost, The Castle Keep Ghost (photo) was caught on a ghost hunt inside Newcastle Castle Keep (Sep

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall Taken in 1936 during a photo shoot for Country Life magazine, this famous real ghost picture of an apparition descending the stairs has been viewed round the world~

Meet my Grandfather and Me. Oh yes and sister, in the London home, my grandfather passed over in I was born in So do the maths.

A visitor in a cemetery took a photo, and when she had the film developed, this apparition showed up on the picture - no one else was in the cemetery at the time she was there and took the picture. (beautiful)

Missing someone you have lost. 6 years ago today I lost my dad, my hero, the person I try to be.

Andrew Milburn was texting his girlfriend at the Leeds General Infirmary, United Kingdom, when he noticed a ghostly figure of a nurse in a Snapchat he took. There are numerous ghost stories connected to the hospital, many of which concern a nurse who haunts the wards, caring for her patients long after her passing.

13 Convincing Paranormal Pictures that Will Make You Believe (Vol. II)

I too saw a man very very similar to this at my house coming toward me in the hallway! He was very translucent but more from the face hands and feet. Here was clearly wearing kaki pants and a white short sleeve shirt. I was told that our subdivision use to be an orange grove over 50 yrs back. Maybe the man is lost as they say in mid level of life and death. Who knows!!

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Top 25 Ghost Photos from Renovation ghost....

Renovation Ghost - “Was renovating my house and I took a picture to show what I had done and there was a ghostly image that came out.

Do You Believe in Ghosts? 13 More Amazing Ghost Pictures You Need to See

Do You Believe in Ghosts? 10 More of the Most Convincing Paranormal Photos Ever Taken

This photograph was taken in the late by a photographer called John Cromby. During a trip to a church in Berlin, Cromby wasn’t aware of the ghostly priest presence until the film was developed…