*Bob Marley* Jamaica, his cradle, his home island, his yard, and the birthplace…

Starfruit (Averrhoa carambola) Native to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia…

come-se: Suco de tamarindo

Suco de tamarindo

Home made Gelado - Jamaica, Horchata and Tamarindo.

Home made Gelado - Jamaica, Horchata and Tamarindo.

Tamarind is a classic paleta flavor. It is very sour but balanced here with…

Tamarind Ice Pops

Tamarind is a classic paleta flavor. It is very sour but balanced here with sweet brown sugar.


21 imágenes de los frutos y vegetales más extraños del mundo. Su variedad es intrigante

Star Fruit (Averrhoa carambola 'Sri Kembangan') - to 6 feet, This tropical fruit has become more popular in recent years and it’s possible to grow your own indoors.

Cacau 2

15 frutas e legumes que você não imaginava que nasciam dessa forma

Cocoa fruits on the cocoa (cacao) tree: Theobroma cacao (Family Malvaceae). Its seeds, the cocoa beans are used to make cocoa mass, cocoa powder and chocolate.

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Pitanga (Surinam cherry, Brazilian cherry, Cayenne cherry) is a small fruit native to tropical regions in the Americas.

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Lemon Blossom -Meyer lemon trees thrive in full sun, producing overlapping generations of fruits and flowers.

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This untypical floral scented soy candle captures the essence of rich white pear, pure French lavender, jasmine blossoms & Tahitian vanilla bean. oz aromatherapy candle for approx 50 hours of room(Cheese Platter Presentation)

La “fruta de los dioses” India podría bajar el precio de las células solares un 40%.  Células fotovoltaicas orgánicas más respetuosas con el medio ambiente.

The jamun is medicinally extremely valuable and has many uses. Commonly known as the Indian blackberry, jamun trees are found all over India whenever mangoes are grown

Star fruit.

Many of the most popular tropical fruits in Brazil originated in what is now Brazilian national territory - fruits like caju , açaí , and .