Gandalf the Grey, an Istari that cameout of Aman as well.  He defeated the Balrog of Moria at Zirik-zigal but fell also.  Due to the nature of his mission he was allowed to return to middle-earth and take over the order as Saurman at this time had become corrupted at Isengard. He would help the free-people stave off and defeat Sauron finally, thus allowing him to travel over the sea back to Aman.  Only one of the Istari not corrupted and accomplished his mission from which he never strayed…

Mithrandir, Gandalf, Olórin, Tharkûn and The White Rider. Oh and the Grey Pilgrim

Gandalf; the epitome of the sage/mentor archetype. His adventures are mysterious and mostly unchronicled, giving him the requisite air of enigma. He wanders about without a home, seeking to do good and set right the world. His friends love and trust him, but do not necessarily understand him. He is wonderful, humorous, knowing, and selfless, wise and kind.  Not all who wander are lost.

gandalf, the hobbit an unexpected journey, the hobbit the desolation of smaug, the hobbit the battle of five armies and the lord of the rings the fellowship of the rings. in the others he isn't gandalf the grey anymore

O Hobbit: Um show de maquiagem pra cinema

O Hobbit: Um show de maquiagem pra cinema

Gandalf the Grey. Come on, who doesn't like a great wizard?! Reliably scruffy, down to earth and unusually, relateable. A great character!

Gandalf The Grey

Middle-earth: Gandalf (Ian McKellen), "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings.

Gandalf and the Balrog "You shall not pass!"

Impressive Fantasy Art by Gonzalo Kenny

The Lord of the Rings. Gandalf the Wizard VS the Balrog. In the end, they both die at each other's hands, but the Balrog going first, and Gandalf falling off the cliffs of Khazad-Dum to a bottomless abyss.