Le fennec a de très longues oreilles (pouvant mesurer jusqu'à dix centimètres), un nez assez long, de longues moustaches et une queue relativement longue, plate et touffue. On le surnomme renard de poche, du fait de sa toute petite taille. C'est en effet le plus petit des canidés qui existe sur Terre.

I have decided I want a desert fox so much more than any other dog or cat now! Just look at those EARS!

Fennec Foxs there cute there awesome and they have really big ears people who run the world put one of these on each desk at school this is not a request it is a demand

Fennec Fox Collection

Funny pictures about Fennec Fox Collection. Oh, and cool pics about Fennec Fox Collection. Also, Fennec Fox Collection photos.

Fennec fox.  The fennec fox or fennec is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara of North Africa. Its most distinctive feature is its unusually large ears, which serve to dissipate heat. From Wikipedia. photographed at Everland Zoo, South Korea.

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SO CUTE! (Fennec Fox-they live in the desert, big ears let off heat, they have fur on the bottoms of their feet to protect from scorching sand)

if you don't know what a  fenntic fox is its basically the most adorable animal EVER!

Fennec the Soul of the Desert. Photography by @ (Francisco Mingorance). “The fennec, or desert fox is a canine mammal species of the genus Vulpes, which inhabits the Sahara Desert and Arabia.

This Fennec Fox Will Melt Your Heart

This Fennec Fox Will Melt Your Heart

sweet little Fennec Amazing World beautiful amazing

llbwwb:    Fennic Huddle by Автор скрыт

Fennec Fox Huddle I remember fashionistas wearing the skin and faces of these beautiful creatures around their shoulders. We have come a long (slow) way.

Fennec Fox because I had one, so sweet and soooo pretty they are

Fennec Fox because I had one, so sweet and soooo pretty they are. This picture was found by

theanimaleffect:    Fennec fox by floridapfe on Flickr.

Fenec fox at Everland theme park, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do Province, South Korea, photograph by In Cherl Kim.

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Properly organized fox storage

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