Dans le cadre d'un aménagement feng shui, utilisez votre plan et placez votre boussole dessus. Observez vos zones et procédez aux corrections à l'aide d'objets de décoration feng shui : bougies, mobiles, plantes vertes à feuilles grasses... Place south orientation and use this tool to check if your life's areas are at the right place. If not, use all feng shui's accessories to correct the energy flow : candles, mobiles, green plants... #fengshui #conseil #amenagementfengshui

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Your Guide To Simplifying Feng Shui Bagua

Feng shui bagua (also known as Pakua or Ba-Gua) is the feng shui energy map of any space. To create good energy in your home or office, define the feng shui bagua of your space and balance its feng shui energies accordingly.

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Feng shui translates as ‘wind-water’. It is the ancient Chinese principle of creating a harmonious balance of energies in any given space. The main principles o

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With help from Master Sarah McAllister, of the Feng Shui Agency; here’s an infographic to understanding how to get a better night’s sleep using simple Feng Shui techniques.

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Where to place your Jade Plant at home. The Jade money plant is very auspicious in Feng Shui and is placed in the SE of any room, which belongs to the wealth area.