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Best 50+ Funniest Memes Collection

49+ Super Hilarious Pictures

dogs never faill to make us laugh! Thank you guys so much for all your suport! Keep it up!

21 Dog Fails That’ll Make You Feel Guilty For Laughing

Painting Class: NAILED IT - Don't hate! He thinks outside the box! LOL!

Funny pictures about You Can Spot The Real Artist. Oh, and cool pics about You Can Spot The Real Artist. Also, You Can Spot The Real Artist photos.

"Good morning. I see my assassins have failed."

22 Absolutely Brutal Notes From Kids That'll Make You Laugh

The Daily FAIL: 24 Fresh Memes For That Wednesday Grind

The Daily FAIL: 24 Fresh Memes For That Wednesday Grind

The Daily FAIL: 24 Fresh Memes For That Wednesday Grind. This is the only logical explanation.

16 Reasons You Should Never Re-Enact Pinterest Photos

So Very Very true! OK. the pumpkin pictures may have had me laughing hysterically. Poor little kids.

Funny memes of unbelievably obvious "you had one job" mistakes ("epic fails").

"You Had One Job" Memes

Door, you had one job, and you failed the poor cubicle users. C'mon, how are they supposed to make use of the facilities? Under the circumstances, it is indeed a good decision to wait till one gets home.

20 Hilarious Baby Photoshoot Fails - 9GAG

20 Hilarious Baby Photoshoot Fails

Looks can be deceiving. Just ask these 35 people who went into a  DIY baking frenzy after seeing some amazing baking ideas on Pinterest that look easy enough to make.   The result? Heaps of crushed dreams and a full load of hilarity.  1. Milano Cookies Sheep. Just put together a couple of marshmallows, they said.   Pinterest  2. Octopus Pie. That looks scary.   Pinterest  3. She got the eyes right.   Huffingtonpost  4. Almost.   Huffingtonpost  5. That shark needs rescuing.   Huffingtonpost…

35 Hilarious Food Fails On Pinterest That Prove Looks Can Be Deceiving

Nailed it. Why on earth is someone wanting a hedgehog cake? ~Because we love hedgehogs of course! (Although I will admit that first cake is a little scary)

The "fail once, try, try again" man: Now this guy is what we call a trooper. <<< HAHA I like the last one

25 Epic Halloween Costume Fails You Must See To Believe