Encaustic art

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Answers to your Questions about Encaustic art. What is Encaustic? Is Encaustic Toxic? Can I use wax crayons in an encaustic painting? Can’t I paint just with beeswax? Do I need to fuse every encaustic layer? and more...
Beginning Encaustic Art - an index of helpful pages.
encaustic art - note: he does a water color painting on plaster on wood then uses wax...
I need to be able to do encaustic painting.  Someday I will be able to do it.  I don't have the space to do it now and would need new equipment to make it happen.
Encaustic art portfolio of Alicia Tormey
Joyce Gehl/ "Land Fall"/ 36 x36. encaustic art.
Encaustic painting 101 with great list of how to set up the needed supplies cheaply
Encaustic art portfolio of Alicia Tormey
....Encaustic artwork grouping by Alanna Sparanese ....a collection of my turquoise inspired artwork, last of 2016.  Looking so forward in creating more artwork,evolving every day.  So much gratitude!!!!! ENCAUSTIC ARTWORK
A beginner's guide to encaustic art (painting with wax)
Hiding places - The morning crow - original encaustic mixed media carved in reclaimed barn wood
I hope that you will come and join us... an international group of encaustic artists who will be creating, exploring and sharing with one another our adventures and creativity in wax! For more information please visit www.nancycrawfordartist.com
Encaustic art portfolio of Alicia Tormey. I wonder if I can do something similar with Pebeo paints.
What I learned while trying out encaustic for the first time by Carolyn Dube using StencilGirl stencils.