What you allow is what you'll get.

You will never admit the reality of your role in the fights Or your rage ,or your need to be in control. Lol i could barley drive the jeep I built. Yes we knows it's yours 101

ENABLING is helping, assisting, supporting,  or bailing someone out, in order they may avoid the natural  (and perhaps unpleasant)  consequences of their actions.  Poster: http://www.zazzle.com/enabling_definition_why_do_it_why_stop_poster-228475255457392789

I only sought recovery when my family stopped enabling me. I was told I had no home to come back to while I was in detox. It lead to the decision to move 1000 miles away from home for rehab. Best decision of my life.

Helping is doing something for someone that he is not capable of doing himself. Enabling is doing for someone things that he could and should be doing himself. #enabling #quotes

And your not an evil person for knowing the difference and insist that some independence be encouraged

Quote on addictions: Once the enabling stops, the recovery is given the opportunity to start. www.HealthyPlace.com

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We can love & still call each other out on our stuff...accountability

"Unconditional love doesn't mean you have to unconditionally accept bad behaviors." Don't let loved ones treat you badly and that means parents, siblings, offspring, extended family and long term friends.

True story.  Always stand up for yourself.  I am ok he found someone else. I see her as weak. There is no way he changed nor ever will.

The Parasitic (Sadist/Narcissist/Psychopath/Jezebel/Daemon/Vampire) Social Predator: Laura Tait from Busby/Liverpool Sydney Australia, only surrounds herself with Enablers and Tongue Biters.

Emotional detachment | detaching with love | relationship problems | 12 step recovery addiction  | codependent  relationships | Click the image to read more. #lettinggo #detachment #codependency

Detachment for Surviving Addiction

Detachment helps when letting go is a struggle. Stepping back and focusing on yourself is sometimes the kindest thing you can do. Loving yourself is part of 12 step recovery. Click the image to learn (Step Back)