Emily Osment
Emily Osment as inspi' for Nicole "Nikki" Spencer, Max's ex and Chloe's mother. #TheNannyWithTheSkullTattoos #amwriting
Emily Osment
Emily Osment.. Did we totally forget about her. She is another Disney channel alumni who hasn't gone crazy!
(FC:II Emily Osment) Hello my name is Gabby. I am twenty years old from Carolina. I work as an actress. I am really excited to be here. I've always wanted to meet the Prince.
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Video: Emily Osment Dished On “Young & Hungry"

Video: Emily Osment Dished On “Young & Hungry” With Shine On Media

Emily Osment at MuchMusic in Toronto,Canada
As the sun sets, I'll write this song. I'll tell you how I sold myself out.