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River Song: Pretty Boy, with me I said.// The Doctor: Oh, I'm Pretty Boy? Oh, that came out a bit quick.// The Doctor: Pretty?

I wish this stuff happened at my school. I HATE my school, they're all against Supernatural and Sherlock and Doctor Who. And they act like they love Harry Potter, but mention anyone from the books or even the movies, and they look at you like you have 10 heads speaking Parseltounge!

And my friends would hear it too and we would all sit down in that classroom and join them.

We may not know Yoda's species, but it is pretty obvious that he is not from Gallifrey

Look as good you will not…

Don't upset Yoda, he has 'The Force'. Wait, but The Doctor is a Timelord. Timelord beats Jedi every time. Like that time The Doctor got his hand cut off.

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lol it would have been so funny if it really was jack in the ship, doctor who <- actually I thought that was who she was talking about and I was super disappointed when it wasn't. <----/ oh my god, me too! It made me so sad

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DW Challenge: Day Favorite Special Episode - The Runaway Bride. This was a hilarious episode though. Loved Donna Noble from the first minute. So freaking funny!

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River you cray

Dr who in a nut shell. This is what happens to your life when time travel is an everyday occurrence. "Time travel, when never meet in the right order."<<< never apply logic to doctor who

I make doctor who memes now. Doctor who memes are cool.

I can almost guarantee the top sign was in TN. They love their funny signs.

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Doctor Who meme by akabeko on DeviantArt and oh sweet Oz it's Discworld!

true words of wisdom...

17 Wholock Gifs That We Don't Know Why They Exist, But Are Glad They Do.

The Doctor: Ever microwaved a lasagna without pricking the film on top? Clara: It explodes. The Doctor: Don't be lasagna.

Doctor Who - Harry Potter This is exactly what I was thinking!!!!!

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Doctor Who et les mèmes (1)

Doctor Who et les mèmes (1

Annual meeting of time travelers. Back to the Future and Doctor Who. (Yes, it's photoshopped, it's still so cool) But why would time travelers have an ANNUAL meeting.they could technically go to all of them back to back.