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That Derek Hale smile :D Funny....I was just thinking about Derek's cutie pie smile tonight at work....got me through the hellishness <3 haha 4-23-16

That Derek Hale smile :D Funny.I was just thinking about Derek's cutie pie smile tonight at work.

Teen Wolf ~ Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) - this scene gave me so many feels

Teen Wolf * Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) ~ Allowed himself to be a punching bag :(

Hey there. I'm Richard. Call me Rick. I'm eighteen and I'm Annabeth's older brother. But I'm not like her. She's cute and bubbly, and I don't really talk very much. Our powers are complete opposites. She supercharges powers, and I drain them. Also, I have laser vision like Cyclops, but I can turn it off. Introduce? (FC: Tyler Hoechlin)

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It had to be pinned. Because Dang!! Tyler looks too good. #Derek #TylerHoechlin

Stuck On You (Sterek) - Chapter 1


Really hoping for more Stiles/Derek scenes next season. They've been lacking since season >>>Cousin Miguel hates everyone but Stiles. Cousin Miguel secretly loves Stiles even if he won't admit it.

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{Annie, Derek, Liam, Scott} I had gotten a call from Scott talking about the nightmares and visions Liam was having. Derek was out on a hunt, but came back. He was bloody and tired. I see Liam and Scott walk in.

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Also another fav character from Teen Wolf! Derek Hale is the character, and he is so awesome! I also ship Derek and Stiles pretty hardcore, they are so perfect for one another! He looked so adorable here, I had to share!

Teen Wolf- Derek Hale

Teen Wolf on

Teen Wolf- Derek Hale trying on Stiles' clothes. I loved the relationship between Sterek in Seasons 1 &

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