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Dear Dad, Funny, the more years that have gone by, the harder it is to live without you.

We shared a dance one time I wish I would of paid more attention. Missing you today Dad...

will be a year since my father passed away. I have never experienced such pain in my heart. I miss his hugs and his silly sense of humor.

✞♡✞ As I sit in heaven And watch you everyday I try to let you know with signs I never went away..Dedicated to our Mother, Wife and Friend Karen Porter 22 August 2012.. 9 Nov. 2015 ✞♡✞

This makes me think of my friend Terry! I miss you! I bet you are fixing a feast in heaven, with your amazing noodles and other sweet treats!

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Dear Mom , I love you so much. It doesn't seem like you could have been gone for over 20 yrs now. Love you every passing day just like always. Your in my heart forever.