Congo Infographic

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been plagued with violence. Millions have been abducted, murdered, and raped, with abuses reported on all sides.

Cane bridge in Kabua, Republic of the Congo

Carrying the Burdens of Life - Cane bridge in the village Kabua , Republic Of The Congo. (From Geographika)--- No matter what - keep going

North Kivu, Eastern Congo, 2011- How incredible to be able to "see" such a place. I think it would be an "experience".

swintons: “ The Infra series: Come Out - ph. Richard Mosse North Kivu, Eastern Congo, 2011 ” Infrared photography is so cool.

Suit envy                                                       …

A bold collection of patterned suits although the repeated use of these patterns is creating unity.

Republic of Congo. Extreme Fishing. | Caravanserai 230

Republic of Congo. Extreme Fishing.

The fisherman affix the fish trap on the Congo River, in the middle of a rapids. The Congo River is the deepest river in the world. A halász elhelyezi a halcsapdát a Kongó folyón, egy zuhatag közepén. A Kongó folyó a legmélyebb folyó a világon.


coming form the fields, Assoumdele village, northern area, Congo, Africa