Understanding usage rate and day rate (or creative fee) when it comes to pricing for photography. Don't forget to grab the free estimate template.  https://monashee.org/pricing-photography/

Pricing photography is tricky. This post goes over image usage vs. day rate for commercial photography and how to incorporate them into photoshoot prices.

'Blush Brush' by Rich Begany - Photography from United States

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Zhang Jingna - Fashion, Fine Art, Beauty, Commercial Photography Blog: Elle Vietnam: Minh Hang

Elle Vietnam: Minh Hang

I like this because of how the bubbles stand out through the glass.

Commercial Photography- I like how it has the dark and bright, the only bright part is the items they want to sell

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Would love a black and white portrait shot like this. I'd like a grainy finish to the shot too, so low saturation of colour. Love her pose too - this could be a flattering pose for me?