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A + A | artistic lifestyle blog: August 2011

Christina Perri’s pretty platinum hair chunk in her brown hair ….LOVE it! (I did a friend’s hair like this and STILL fight myself not to copy!

Christina Perri Plus 235 pictures Interactive and more 2015 Instagram Download human now on iTunes http 1eVYXdV directed by elliott

Join Christina Perri, Colbie Caillat, & Rachel Patten for a “Girls Night Out” at Stage AE / WHIRL: July 2015 / Photograph from Yu Tsai

i like the blonde stripe, but maybe reverse the colors so its blonde with a darker stripe

Lollapalooza Music Festival 2011 - Performances - Day 1

32 Swell Christina Perri Tattoos | CreativeFan/ I really want the maktub tattoos and the balloon themed tatts <3

Christina Perri tattoos are an expression of her love, likes, attitude and belief. The “Jar of Hearts” singer displays a variety of tattoos.

This message is to Rick Riordan for making Percabeth suffer through Tartarus. I have not read BoO yet (i do not wish for spoilers) SO, Uncle Rick, You better have them live a happy life from now on (as well as the other characters) or my tears of sorrow will come and haunt you for LIFE!!!

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri This song resonates with the way Medea is feeling when the book opens.

What i'll be walking down the isle to:)  A Thousand Years - Christina Perri Like I said -- another version of this song I love for us :)) love you babe

'Breaking Dawn Part - 'A Thousand Years' - Christina Perri. I love this song. I already know what song I am usong for my first dance.

Christina Perri. Amazing singer her songs are full of passion and her tattos are unique and awesome!

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Is Christina Perri’s hair the best in the business? Is Christina Perri’s hair the best in the business? It appears that Christina Perri has not only got a fan club due to her musical talents.