For all those fairy tale lovers out there, this is a fabulous re-telling of Sleeping Beauty.

*Book based on fairy tale. Briar Rose by Jane Yolen. Grandmother Gemma always told the story of Briar Rose, and after she dies, her granddaughter discovers that Gemma was a real-life Sleeping Beauty - a Holocaust survivor.

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Which Disney female are you?

I love Aurora! She is my favorite disney princess! So is Belle! My favorite disney character is Alice. They are all equally amazing, smart, pretty, and kind!

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Which Disney Princess Are You?

This is a costume analysis for Aurora (aka Briar Rose, aka Sleeping Beauty) of Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Aurora has two costumes: her peasant outfit that she wears as Briar Rose, and her princess dress, created by her "aunts", the three fairies.

Watercolour Hand Painted Clip Art Briar Rose by CreateTheCut

Watercolour Hand Painted Clip Art - Briar Rose Vibrant hand painted watercolour and ink flowers. This set is made up of 8 pieces;

Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty by Katie |

Briar Rose and Prince Phillip cosplay; normally don't pin cosplay but this is AMAZING! I've always wanted this dress! This would be an adorable halloween costume.