Ink on bristol board, tried to keep it as anatomically correct as possible

I thought I'd give it one last try, just to see if you'd bat an eye, those other niggahs fillin ya time wouldn't bat an eye, take me off the list to fill your free time honey this hourglass is up. Idk who tf typed this but thank you.

Human Brain Watercolor Print Anatomical Brain Art by LyonRoad

The Human Brain, Sagittal View Watercolor Print - Anatomical Brain Art - Brain Print

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"Multi-faceted Show" "See All the Sides of APA" "More Than One Side" -The geometric pattern within the "open" provides a unique physical representation of psychology rather than standard "cogs turning in brain" representation.

apolonisaphrodisia:  The Jellybrainfish by ~TmoeGee

My submission for Dark Horse's Goon FanArt Contest. ("The Goon" by Eric Powell) I did not win Goon is fighting against the sea monster while Franky is lightly distracted by the well racked tentacle.

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Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos - Beautiful Minds Foundation Crall harrison Oh my goodness. Thank you for pinning this.

1508 — induction at M&S. Took me two hours to be rude to someone. it was some random 20 year old who helped me unscramble my head.

Everything is a jumbled mess at the moment, annoyingly. For a few brief days my mind allowed itself to actually think logically, (of course it was still freaking out, but I was managing to get stuf…