Hahaha i dont know why this is so funny to me......black girl problems | Tumblr

black girl problems i go to sleep w three on just to pray that i end up with one on when i wake up lol

Hahahahahahahahahahaha I had to pin this ..its so stupid so I'm not racist but now all of a sudden black moms are now a lot scarier but none yall have met my mom !-kady

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black girl problems | Tumblr OMG...this happened to me today!! It's tough being all NAP-TURAL!!! lol

This is definitely a Black Girl (with natural hair) Problems. Ive broken a few rat tail combs in my day as well.

18 Annoying AF Beauty Problems Black Girls Have

18 Annoying AF Beauty Problems Black Girls Have

Black Girl Problems...the struggle is real

Even tho im not fully black i do, however, carry a HUGE bottle of Coco Butter Lotion in my bag.

pinterest: queeeninn

pinterest: queeeninn

I am not a black girl but, I can totally understand this problem!

Black Girl Problems Because we know that the entire race of white girls won't be stereotyped because one is loud on the bus. Blacks always represent the entire freakin' race.

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Torture at the hands of a black mama. AND you got popped with the comb for not being still! This is a black girl's childhood hair memories.