Ben Whishaw: Keeping my sexuality secret only had a negative effect

Ben Whishaw stars as a man walking a paper-thin line between profound joy & complete hopelessness in Aneil Karia's powerful award-winning short film 'BEAT'.

Eli Mullan [Ben Whishaw] Elam Mullan's son. Has his eyes on being Ceres' next Minister of Foreign Affairs and is convinced Sinead is after the position too. She isn't. He considers himself her rival. It's one-sided.

James Bond: The Sunglasses File

Q. Does more damage in his pajamas on a laptop before his first cup of earl grey than you can do all day. Skyfall. James Bond

Ben Whishaw in the role of Q at the National Gallery, from the from the book "Bond on Set: Filming Skyfall" by Greg Williams.

Ben Whishaw in portrays the character of Robert Frobisher in the film "Cloud Atlas"......

Ben Whishaw in portrays the character of Robert Frobisher in the film "Cloud Atlas".

Ooh si c'est pas mignon ! Ben Whishaw avec des oreilles de chat, c'est le combo mignonitude parfait !

Ben Whishaw ( Agent Q in Skyfall and the voice of Paddington)

and he just stares from the green vines like I am a fire and his eyes can extinguish. I'm not sure but maybe if he tried hard enough, my fire could be put out

Ben Whishaw (born October is one of the UK's most intriguing new talents. He's got a guarded, elusive screen presence which does .

Ben Whishaw

boch: nerdy physic teacher that gets willow in trouble and makes her unpack boxes for his classroom (played by Ben Whishaw)