Ben Barnes Talks About ‘Sons of Liberty’ -

Ben Barnes Talks About ‘Sons of Liberty’

Ben Barnes discusses his role as Samuel Adams in the History channel’s “Sons of Liberty.

Gibt es einen Mann auf der Welt, der besser aussieht, als Ben Barnes? Ich glaube nicht.

You my… my brown eyed guy (20 photos)

Ben Barnes, Prince Caspian--Not sure if I like this for the lighting, the clothing, or the face.

Ben Barnes - Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Naria

Ben Barnes Oh my . I saw this picture and thought this is my chemistry teacher which is evev hotter than Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes as "Zarek" Dark Hunters, "Dimitri Belikov" Vampire Academy

I think we can all agree Ben Barnes is the ultimate Sirius Black (Ah, that smouldering look.